PCB Design

FPNA’s Engineering Centers specialize in System Design and Optimization

  • Component Library Development
  •  IC Substrate Design & PCB Layout
  • Signal and Power Integrity Simulation
  • Mechanical and Thermal Design and Simulation
  • Agilent Joint Lab VNA Measurement
  • Custom and COTS Backplane and Fixture Design

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Simulation                            Thermal design                Thermal testing

IC Substrate Design & PCB Layout

  • Package and IC Substrate Design
  • Place and Route PCB Layout
  • Library Development (Schematic Symbol and PCB Footprint)
  • Constraint-Driven Hand Routing
  • Multiple Shifts, Design Partitioning

Signal and Power Integrity Simulation

  • Signal: Insertion Loss, Return Loss, Timing, Crosstalk
  • Power: Plane Impedance, Resonance, and IR Drop Analysis
  • Simulation of High speed Backplane and Connector interfaces
  • Single or Multi-board Optimization

Thermal Design & Simulation

  • Mitigate thermal challenges
  • Enhance the cooling of ICs with high power consumption
  • Thermal management and testing

Mechanical Design and Simulation

  • Develop detailed design & production process of system structure
  • Perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to assess the strength of the products
    ability to meet the needs of the mechanical environment

Backplane & Fixture Design

  • Design standard or Custom back panel form factors
    such as VPX, ATCA, MicroTCA, and more
  • 10G-Base KR with data rate from 3.125Gbps to 25Gbps
  • Traditional or Orthogonal architecture
  • Design and provide variable IO fixtures such as SFP+, QSFP+, CXP etc

High Speed Interconnect lab

Focused on high-speed, high-density, signal and power integrity interconnect applications and specialize in channels with data rate from 10Gbps to 28Gbps. Our Lab utilizes high speed equipment such as 67GHz PNA, 50GHz DCA-J,12.5Gbps Parallel BERT PCB12500, 50GHz probe station with probing capability for 40″ x 22″ PCB, and more.

RF & Microwave Lab

With a complete set of Agilent RF & Microwave test equipment (67GHz testability), the RF & Microwave Lab is dedicated to PCB  high-frequency performance research and RF & Microwave circuit board-level  simulation. Guided by technology, and adhering to the concept of simulation-driven product design, we provide the testing service of RF and microwave, circuit design and PCB electromagnetic field simulation.

Thermal Lab

The thermal lab specializes in thermal design and simulation for the board and system level.  We also perform R&D for future thermal technology. Additional services include thermal module design, layout optimization, thermal management, and thermal testing.

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