PCB Fabrication

PCB Technology Roadmap - Rigid

Item 201720182019
Board Size24.5 in x 49 in24.5 in x 49 in24.5 in x 49 in
Board Thickness0.008 in ~ 0.394 in0.008 in ~ 0.394 in0.008 in ~ 0.315 in
Inner Layer Trace/ Space1.5 / 1.5 mil1.5 / 1.5 mil1.0 / 1.0 mil
Outer Layer Trace/ Space
1.5 / 1.5 mil1.5 / 1.5 mil1.0 / 1.0 mil
Impedance Tolerance Control±7% (<50Ω)
±5% (≥50Ω)
±5% (<50Ω)
±5% (≥50Ω)
±5Ω (<50Ω)
±5% (≥50Ω)
Max PTH Aspect Ratio40:140:140:1
Min Bow & Twist0.3%0.3%0.3%
PCB thickness toleranceThickness>40 mil: ±10%
Thickness≤40 mil: ±4 mil
Thickness>40 mil: ±10%
Thickness≤40 mil: ±4 mil
Thickness>40 mil: ±8%
Thickness≤40 mil: ±4 mil
Mechanical drill size (min)4 mil4 mil3 mil
Laser Drilling Size(min)3 mil3 mil2 mil
Backdrill STUB8 mil6 mil6 mil
Pattern to outline±2mil±2mil±2mil
Solder MaskGreen matte/glossy, Yellow, Black, Blue, Red, White, Purple
Surface FinishFlash gold, Immersion gold, Hard gold , Gold finger, HASL-LF,HASL, OSP, immersion tin, immersion silver, Soft gold, ENIG+OSP, ENIG+G/F, flash gold+G/F, immersion silver+G/F, and immersion tin+G/F
Microvia Copper FillPPP
Minimum Microvia Hole size3 mil3 mil2 mil
Metal substrateAluminum-substrate
& copper-substrate
& copper-substrate
& copper-substrate
Metal-substrate depth controlled process capability (mil)
Counter bore depth controlled capability (mil)±4±4±4
Maximum copper weight (OZ)121212
Special board/processHeatsink, Sweat Bonding, Ceramics (DBC, Metal-Buried PCB, Embedded Resistance / Embedded Capacitance, RF hybrid lamination, Microvia copper fill, Resin fill

Lead Time for Through Hole Technology

Area2-6 L8-12 L14-18 L≥ 20 L
0-10 sq. ft.5 days7 days8 days10 days
10-30 sq. ft.7 days8 days9 days12 days
30-100 sq. ft.10 days11 days12 days14 days
100-500 sq. ft.12 days14 days16 days18 days
>500 sq. ft.21 days25 days25 days25 days

Delivery Time

Configuration Flex Rigid-Flex
Delivery TimeSingle LayerMultilayerUncladNormalBlind-BuriedSpecial Unclad
The fastest2333577

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